Applying Behavioural Economics to drive a sustainable shift-to-digital strategy

Ontario Energy Association’s IDEA SEMINARS is a new forum established to connect our members through strategic working sessions, learning and exchange workshops with a variety of topics of interest to our members.

You are invited to attend OEA’s very first IDEA SEMINARS event hosted by BEWORKS. Join us and hear what experts from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and Behavioural Economics (BE) say about and the unspoken barriers that prevent consumers from shifting to digital.

Paperless billing is a topic of special interest for utility companies, regulators and governments alike, who are working to find new ways to reduce costs, preserve the environment and keep electricity rates low.  Today, technology allows energy consumers to enjoy the convenience of accessing information anytime, anywhere and in the format and the device of their choosing. But, driving paperless and digital adoption is not easy!

Business leaders believe this is a technology challenge but research shows that digital adoption it is less about technology and more a matter changing people’s attitudes and behaviours.

Join us on Sept 13th to learn more: 

  • Learn about the science of “defaults” – When they work and when they back-fire! 
  • Uncover psychological barriers that prevent people from making the shift to digital
  • Gain valuable insights on how to drive new habits

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