Ravi Sigurdson

Manager, Technology and Development,
Enbridge Gas Inc. . 

Ravi Sigurdson has almost 20 years of experience in the Energy Industry.  She joined Enbridge Gas Inc., in 2012 and currently leads the technology and development team.  A key area of focus for her in this role is the development of new lower carbon/energy efficient technologies that keep customer choice, comfort and cost in mind.  This work includes assessing and recommending Enbridge’s technology investments through the Natural gas Innovation Fund. Prior to joining Enbridge, Ravi held a number of progressive positions at Union Gas (now part of Enbridge Gas Inc.) and Imperial Oil Ltd.  Her roles have included work in various areas such as Technology development, Demand Side Management (Evaluation and Policy), Marketing Research, Residential and Commercial Marketing, Program Management, Business Analysis and Special Projects.  Ravi completed her BA in Economics at York University and subsequently her MBA at McMaster University with a specialization in Information Technology and Operations Management.