Ronald Wells


Senior Advisor, Indigenous Relations
Hydro One

Ronald Wells is the founder of Cancom Security Inc. founded in 2008.

Ronald is a First Nations
member of the Wiikwemikoong First Nation located on Manitoulin Island in the northern region
of Ontario Canada. Ronald is a former Canadian Military Police Officer, Toronto Special
Constable, Provincial Offences Officer, Bylaw Enforcement Officer and Security professional
with over 26 years’ experience.

Ronald is recognized by the Toronto Police Service for assisting
in removing violent criminals off the streets of Toronto and acknowledged by the Toronto Chief
of Police. Ronald Wells had a vision for First Nations community-based Security Services that
serve the First Nations communities by employing First Nations people to serve in their own
communities. Ronald’s vision became a reality in 2008 and has since employed thousands of
First Nations people within their own communities, in turn protecting and servicing First
Nations communities for over 12 years.

Ronald Wells’ continued efforts and vision was
instrumental in the security measures for many at risk First Nations communities during the
2020 COVID 19 Pandemic.