Ontario Electricity Stakeholders AllianceThe Ontario Electricity Stakeholders Alliance (OESA) is a diverse group industry associations, consumer groups, boards of trade, and leaders from Ontario’s business community. On November 16, 2017, the OESA launched the Power Framework to provide Ontario with ways to achieve smart electricity decisions through the following principles:

  • Transparency: A plan to restore confidence in an open, accountable system with an engaged Legislature and rules that respect the public’s right to be informed;
  • Competition: A commitment to competitive processes that help support lower costs for both government and electricity consumers;
  • Objectivity:A commitment to smart electricity decisions informed by rigorous cost-benefit analysis, objective procurement criteria and competitive processes that ensure Ontario ratepayers are getting the best value; and
  • Independence: A process where independent agencies like the IESO, OEB and Ontario Electricity Safety Alliance are appropriately resourced to make independent decisions and held accountable by the provincial Legislature.

View the Complete Power Framework here.


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